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Souvenir of the Battle of Newmarket, Va.

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New Market Corps of Cadets Lieut.-Colonel Scott Shipp - Commanding, Col. R.L. Madison - Surgeon, Capt. Geo. Ross - Asst. Surgeon, Capt. J. C. Whitwell - Commissary and Q. M., Cadet Cary Weston - Adjutant, Cadet J. W. Wyatt - Quartermaster.

A Company

Capt. Henry A. Wise, Jr. - Commanding, C. H. Minge - Captain, W. C. Hardy - Lieutenant, W. Morson - ", E. M. Ross - Sergeant, W. B. Shaw - ", W. T. Duncan - ", J. Douglass.................. " H. Wood - ", L. Royster - Corporal, R. L. Brockenbrough - ", G. K. Macon - ", S. F. Atwill - ", Privates Adams, R. A. Mallory, E. S. Allen, D. Mead, H. J. Anderson, C. J. Mohler, D. G. Ashley, C. G. Morgan, P. H. Bagnall, J. S. Page, F. W. Binford, R. J. Pendleton, R. A. Bowen, H. C. Raum, G.E. Buster, W. D. Seaborn, G. A. Butler, W. H. Skaggs, S. B. Carmichael, J. Smith, E. H. Cocke, P. St. G. Smith, F. L. Jr. Corling, C. T. Spiller, G. Cousins, R. H. Spiller, W. H. Davis, A. J. Temple, P. C. Garrett, H. W. Thompson, A. P. Goodykoontz, A.E. Watson, W. P. Harrison, C. H. White, T. W. Hayes, W. C. White, W. H. Hiden, P. B. Wimbish, L. W. Hill, J. N. Wingfield, S. G. Howard, J. C. Wood, H. T. Hubard, W. J. Wood, P. S. James, F. W. Wood, Wm. M. Larrick, J. S. Woodruff, Z. T. Lewis, W. L. Yarbrough, W. T. Mc Veigh, N.

B Company Capt. Frank Preston.......Commanding Carlton Shafer....................Captain G. W. Gretter...................Lieutenant Levi Welch....................... " A. Pizzini, Jr......................Sergeant O. P. Evans......................... " H. W. Garrow..................... " W. M. Patton........................ " T. G. Hayes.........................Corporal J. B. Jarratt......................... " Patrick Henry................... " B. W. Barton...................... " Privates Bayard, N. J. Lewis, N.C. Bennett, W. G. McCorkle, J.W. Bowen, W. B. McDowell, W. H. Bransford, J. F. Mason, S. B. Cabell, R. G. Patton, J. R. Carmichael, W. S. Penn, J. G. Christian, E. D. Perry, W. E. S. Clarkson, J. H. Phillips, S. T. Cocke, J. L. Powell, J. J. A. Cocke, W. R. C. Preston, J. B. Crank, T. J. Preston, T. W. Cullen, S. Redwood, W. F. Darden, J. D. Richeson, J. D. Dillard, J. L. Roan, J. Faulkner, C. J. Stacker, C. Garrett, V. F. Stanard, J. B. Gibson, F. G. Tabb, J. Grasty, W. C. Tackett, J. F. Hankins, M. O. Tardy, A. H. Happer, R. W. B Taylor, J. E Harris, W. O. Tunstall, R. B. Hartsfield, A. C. Turner, E. L. Hawks, A. W. Veitch, W. Haynes, L. C. Walker, C. P. Hundley, C. B. Washington, L. Hupp, R. C. Wesson, C. M. Jefferson, T. G. Wharton, J. E. Johnson, P. White, J. S. Jones, T. W. Whitehead, H. C. Memp, W. Woodlief, P. W. Lee, G. T. Wilson, R. G. Leftwich, A. H.

Wounded. Killed. With Artillery.

D COMPANY Capt. Thomas B. Robinson Commanding B. A. Colonna Captain J.F. Hanna Lieutenant F. W. Claybrook " W. H. Cabell Sergeant W. Nelson " J. R. Echols " C.M. Etheredge " Otis A. Glazebrook Corporal Alfred Marshall " John S. Wise* " J. R. Triplett* " PRIVATES Akers, R. C, Alexander, W. K. Arbuckle, A. A. Barney, W. H. Baylor, J. B. Beattie, W. F. Berkeley, E Brown, J. H. Clark, G. B. Clendinen, I. R. Cocke, J. Preston Coleman, J. J. Corbin, J. P. Crenshaw, S. D. Crews, B. S. Crockett, C. G. Crockett, H. S. Dickinson, J. J. Dillard, W. Eubank, W. M. Garnett, G. T. Gray, J. B. Hamlin, E. L. Hannah, J. S. Harvie, J. B. Harvie, J. S. Horsley, J Imboden, J. Jones, H. J. Kennedy, W. H. King, D. P. Kirk, W. M. Knight, E. C. Lee, F. T. Letcher, S. H. Locke, R. N. Lowry, T. S. Lumsden, W. J. McClung, T. W. Marks, C. H. Marshall, M. Moorman, E. S. Nalle, G. B. W. Pelps, T. K. Pierce, D. S. Radford, W. N. Reid, J. J. Reveley, G. F. Sowers, J. F. Stuart, A. H. H. Tunstall, J. L. Tutwiler, E. M. Venable, W. L. Ward, G. W. Webb, J. S. Wellford, C. E. White, R. J. Witt, J. E. Wood, M. B.

C Company Capt. A. Govan Hil Commanding S. S. Shriver Captain T. D. Davis Lieutenant A. Boggess " J. A. Stuart Sergeant L.C. Wise " A. F. Redd " W. B. Martin " H. H. Dinwiddie Corporal J. Wood " J. G. James " R. Ridley "

Privates Adams, S. B. Blankman, J. S. Blundon, R. M. Booth, S. W. Buffington, E. S. Chalmers, W. M. Crawford, W. B. Crichton, J. A. Davis, J. A. Davis, L. S. Dunn, J. R. Early, J. C. Ezekiel, M. J. Fry, H. W. Fulton, C. M. Goode, H. L. Goodwin, J. H. Harrison, W. L. Jones, W. S. Lamb, W. Langhorne, M. D. Lee, R. F. McGavock, J. W. Martin, T. S. Maury, R. Merritt, J. L. Minor, J. H. Mitchell, S. T. Morson, A. A. Morson, J. B. Noland, N. B. Overton, A. W. Page, P. N. Pendleton, W. Price, F. B. Randolph, C. C. Read, C. H., Jr. Ricketts, L. C. Roller, P. W. Rose, G. M. Rutherford, T. M. Shields, J. H. Shriver, T. H. Slaughter, W. L. Smith, W. T. Smith, C. H. Tate, C. B. Taylor, B. D. Taylor, C. Taylor, W. C. Thomson, K. Tomes, F. J. Toms, A. C. Turner, C. W. Upshur, J. N. Walker, C. D. Waller, R. E. Walton, N. T. Wheelright, J. C. Wilson, D. C. B. Wounded. Killed, With Artillery. J. E. Woodbridge, Cadet Sergeant-Major O. P. Evans, Cadet Color Bearer G. A. Daveport, Cadet Q. M. Sergeant MUSICIANS. J. W. Crockin Fifer Richard Staples Kettle-Drum Jacob Marks Bass-Drum The Charge of the V.M.I Cadets The Battle of New Market, May 15, 1864 by Col. Peter J. Otey, 30th Va. Batt. (cadet 1860) Soldiers who had seen hardship and battle, guyed these boys: "Don't you want a sugar rag?" "Better go home to your mammies." Little did those old soldiers think that in a few short hours these boys would grapple with veterans. Down the hill the cadets move in perfect alignment; their step is to martial music. The enemy stands transfixed in admiration and amazement. "Who are they?" "Regulars?" They come in common time. The first shell had burst right in front of the cadet colors and had done its work - the first of that gallant corps had fallen on the field of battle the veterans raised their hats and drown the sound of battle with their cheers and yells I hear shouts and yells - it is not the "rebel yell." My God, What do I see? The V. M. I. boys - they pause - front rank kneels and a volley is fired into the breasts of the Federal line. "Steady men" is shouted. "Forward, double time." Do they falter. The belching of cannon makes the atmosphere hazy. Now the Federal reserve pours its volley into them. Do they stop? They do not flinch. They have been trained to obey orders, and "Forward" was the order What a sight! Breckenridge's eyes flashed fire as he saw these boys pit themselves against the seasoned veterans of Siegel. They pierce the center, driving everything before them, and Breckenridge exclaimed, "GLORIOUS! GRAND!! SUPERB!!! THE DAY IS SAVED." I saw the ocean swell, dashed into bloody foam against the rock-like line of the "WAR CADETS" as they entered the battery at the point of the bayonet and thus saved the day at New Market. The gallant three hundred at Thermopylae - the charge of the immortal Six Hundred at Balaklava - furnished no more brilliant record of heroism than this charge of the V. M. I. Cadets at New Market. The smoke of battle lifted, and the enemy were flying, but the victory was dearly bought. THE CHARGE OF THE V.M.I. CADETS By Capt. Franklin E. Town, Captain U. S. Signal Corps, an officer in Siegel's army at battle of New Market Standing on the crest of this hill, after a short time, I observed a line forming at its foot, which seemed like a regiment in extent. It looked so "natty" or "smart" in appearance as instantly to suggest our own pet regiment - the Seventh of New York City. They appeared more like militia on parade than troops in campaign. We were able to identify them as the Battalion of Va. Mil. Inst. Cadets, and a more soldierly corps never faced an enemy. They came on steadily without any sign of faltering. I saw here and there some fall out of line and lay where they fell, but their comrades closed up the gaps and passed on. Their pace increased to double time, and at last to the charge and up to the guns, which they surrounded and captured. Our artillerymen giving way when the bayonets were at their breasts. History abounds in records of many attacks and defenses, which stir the blood and command admiration of all who can appreciate manhood, chivalry and heroism, but these tales are expected to be written of veterans seasoned to battle in many campaigns, but when one stops to think that this charge was made by a battalion of lads - lads who there earned their spurs of knighthood before their lips were tinted with the down of coming beard - the action looms up more grandly, and gives promise of future achievements, worthy of them as men, who as boys could so well carry themselves. As a military spectacle it was most beautiful, and as a deed of war it was most grand. I do not believe that the history of wars contain a record of a deed more chivalrous, more heroic, more daring or more honorable than the charge of these boys to a victory of which seasoned veterans might well boast. May 15 1864 Capture of Von Klesier Battery Souvenir of the Battle of Newmarket, VA. Corps of Cadets, Virginia Military Institute. in the day of Auld Lang Syne Carlton Shafer Cadet Capt of "B" Co. C. H. Minge Cadet Capt. of "A" Co. Capt. A. Govan Hill in Charge of "C" Co. Capt. Henry A. Wise in charge of "A" Co. Genl Scott Shipp Comd't of Cadets at Newmarket. Capt. Thos. B. Robinson in charge of "D" Co. Capt. Frank Preston in Charge of "B" Co. B. A. Colonna Cadet Capt. of "D" Co Samuel S. Shriver Cadet Capt. of "C" Co. Andrew Pizzini Jr First Seargeant "B" Co. Erskine M. Ross First Sergeant "A" Co. Cary Weston Adjutant of Corps Cadets on Parade Oliver P. Evans Color Bearer Wm. H. Cabell First Sergeant "D" Co. John A. Stuart First Sergeant "C" Co.

Copyright, 1907, by J. L. Waring (Class '70), Washington, D. C.